Monday, September 30, 2013

been a long time...

I got really busy what with starting a kickass new job, one of my best friend's getting married and traveling a little bit.

I've been buying lots of work clothes lately at the thrift shop and on the target clearance racks. I've gotten quite a few scores. :) Pretty happy about that! I will eventually post some pictures...may take a while. :P I will get there though!

I won the top 5 Influenster Dasani Drops Brand Challenge! I am super excited about it as they are mailing a koozie, a giftcard and best of all, ALL SIX flavors of Dasani Drops!
(if you want to see reviews, check out or

I just began my new job and it is going really well, even though it is tiring working 40 hours a week. School and 30 seemed like less at the time, even though it is probably more (if you study which I didn't). I am finishing up my grad school application which is scary and exciting and fantastic! I can't wait.
Send good thoughts my way!