Monday, July 22, 2013


I think this blog has been primarily a way to blog my VoxBoxes. I don't want to use it exclusively for that. I want to use it to write, to show off my style, to express myself in a myriad of ways. So I may begin doing that, interspersed with VoxBox posts if I am lucky to get anymore.

I am currently in the midst of losing weight. Ten pounds lost, I am looking to lose about 50 more. So I am doing boot camp, exercising on my own on days I miss boot camp and just trying to be more active, in addition to tracking what I eat, daily. So expect some posts about that.

Additionally, I love fashion. I don't have tons of money, or time, but I love make-up, jewelry, clothes, shoes and most especially PURSES. Love. Obsession. So I may have some fashion/style posts in here.

I am a notorious girly girl, but at the same time, I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Africa where I lived sans electricity or running water. In other words, I like getting dirty sometimes. I maintained a blog during my time in Malawi ( if you'd like to check it out), so I may do some writing in here.

I'm a twenty-something philanthropic clotheshorse in the midst of this journey. Welcome.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I received another VoxBox! This time it is the Dasani Drops VoxBox.

It contained two flavors of Dasani Drops, a bottle of Dasani water, and some coupons for my friends/family.

I really like Dasani Drops. It tastes better than other liquid drink flavors. Some leave a weird feeling on your tongue or have a bad aftertaste, but not Dasani Drops. They mix quickly, easily (in both hot and cold water - I tested!), and taste great!

I had Cherry Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade. I don't normally enjoy pink lemonade flavored anything, but in the spirit of testing, I tried and LOVED it, surprisingly. I thought the cherry pom would be my favorite, but I actually liked the pink lemonade more!

One great bonus is Dasani Drops are ZERO calorie! Who doesn't love that?! I am in the process of losing weight (10 lbs down!) and having a zero calorie flavor option is fantastic! Even better, it doesn't taste zero calorie. It tastes like regular sugary juices/drinks!

I use Dasani Drops pretty often (I will buy more soon and try some new flavors and review those later). Typically, I will use Dasani Drops at work, when I exercise and when I am just hanging out but want to have a "drink" without killing my diet. :)

So ULTIMATELY my favorite part is the zero calories without the zero calorie taste!

Dasani FB page

Dasani Twitter

Influenster Reviews of Dasani Drops

I want to make sure it is known that Influenster chose me to review this product, sent it to me complimentary, and I am under no compulsion to write nice things about the product. All the thoughts above are my reaction to Dasani Drops.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm sorry....

to all the nonexistent readers of this blog...I went on vacation, came home, started a new job and lost track of life and this blog.
To update, I started a new job which is going well-ish. I cleaned my bedroom several times. I visited the wizarding world of Harry Potter and finished quite a few books.
Other than that, the world of Caitlin has been pretty bland. :) Just the way I like it. Not really, but it has been nice to just relax and settle into my job before getting all busy and crazy.

I did graduate from Guardian ad Litem, so I will probably have a case in a few weeks, though I will not be able to talk about it.
I applied to school and I am going back in the fall, to take Biology which I didn't take. So thar she blows. Hopefully, my grad school application for the Master of Social Work will be accepted. We will see! :)