Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slowly but surely.

I have been doing boot camp (not military but just those workout-boot camps) for about a month. I don't know if I have lost weight, but I have definitely gained muscle and have already moved from using 5/8 lbs as light and heavy to 10/12 lbs as light and heavy. I can hold a plank for longer and do more push-ups and run longer too. I'm not perfect, but I like working out. I like feeling sore and feeling my body get stronger and stronger. I enjoy it. I enjoy running (when it is only running I am doing - not so much when combined with other activities). I am working hard, and if I get less embarrassed I may share my stats. haha.
If you are starting to get fit, comment and let me know!
If you are getting fit to be the one he looks back and says, "Damn, I should have kept that one..." you aren't alone...let me know!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid!

I have been using the Olay Fresh Effects Cleansing system for about two weeks and I am completely jazzed. It is like a massage for my face and cleansing all in one. My t-zone is clearer and everything else has calmed down! My skin is radiant! I love it.

I received Olay Fresh Effects as a complimentary product from Influenster and so far, I am very pleased. I enjoy using it because it is easy, fast and it WORKS.

You can buy Olay Fresh Effects at www.olayfresheffects.com or from Amazon.com  :)


I suppose a sixth post in one night isn't too much. It's only one more than five.

I think I will also record my health/fitness stuff. I am working on getting healthier and fitter. I am using myfitnesspal.com and its' app to record food and workouts. I am doing Fit Body Boot Camp...which is killer but AWESOME. I love it.

I am currently in the second week of my journey but I will be kicking my own ass to keep going. It's hard. I hate not being able to eat anything and everything - but eating anything and everything led me to where I am right now - overweight and sub par happy. I am happier already with only two weeks down. Boot camp leaves me sore almost every day which is GREAT. I love feeling sore. Right now it is my chest that is feeling the sore. It's so worth it.

Wannabe Reupholsterer?

Oh, I wish I was good at stuff. I think I did pretty well reupholstering this chair I am sitting on. I loved the shape and the little metal detail in between the seat and back rest.
I added my sweet giraffe chitenje from Malawi because it makes me a little happier when I see it every day. <3

Not Your Mother's® She's a Tease™ Volumizing Hair Spray

Not Your Mother's® She's a Tease™ Volumizing Hair Spray

AH-MAZING. My hair is volume-d to the max and straight and flyaway/frizz-free. What girl needs more than that? 

Again, Influenster has come to the rescue with this goody from the Sweetheart Voxbox that I got complimentary to test. 

I have a date tomorrow with my handsome boyfriend...and want to look cute. Frizz is my problem and I love volume. Not Your Mother's solves both of those AND my hair isn't hard as a rock (like when I used to make a bun for figure skating). It leaves my hair smooth, volumized and still touchable. Brilliant!



Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response *Review

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response is the ish. I love it. Who gets stressed? Uh, everyone. Obviously. 

At work the other day, I'll be honest...I got in some trouble. Was I sweating? You couldn't tell and that's all that matters! All because Influenster sent me the SweetHeart VoxBox February 2013. I was in luck. Influenster sends out VoxBoxes containing awesome goodies for volunteers to test and review. 

 Stress Response works hard to keep you smelling good and fighting wetness...I certainly don't want armpit circles on a stressful or hot day, so I use Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response. If you have a big presentation or interview, definitely give Stress Response a try!


http://www.secret.com/clinical-deodorant is where you can find out about the product...and buy it at pretty much any local grocery store (I've seen it in gas stations too!). 


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