Thursday, June 12, 2014

Post New Orleans

I am so ecstatic to be home, but it was such a blast. Babe and I had so much fun. This is Doug's first major trip solo (without my or his parents) out of state, so it was new for him.
Our hotel left a little to be desired at first, but after a good night's sleep and the AHMAZING shower, we were good to go. We had a cute, iron-worked balcony that we spent time chatting, reading and relaxing on. I am currently reading A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole which is set in New Orleans and it is really wonderful so far.
We drank our way down Bourbon (and back), and then had hangover cafe au laits and beignets at Cafe du Monde. We went to a 24/7 bar and then to a cool little jazz club on Decatur. We ate and ate and ate. I am in love with muffulettas (though how can you not be?). I am also in love with chicken and andouille sausage gumbo. Florida needs to step its game up. We had great weather too. It was pretty hot, and sticky but little rain.
We visited the WWII Museum (rad, check it out on Magazine) and the Beauregard-Keyes house. Loved both. I love history and museums. I only wish we made time to check out more.
We saw the Real World houses (I nerded out) and the Bar Rescue bar (babe nerded out). I LOVED New Orleans and I'm pretty sure I asked Doug at least 30 times if we could move there. He was not so keen - he is very rooted where we are now. I have shallow roots to start.
We enjoyed beignets, cafe au lait, hand grenades, gumbo, po'boys. Not so big of fans of hurricanes (too fruit punch-y).
All in all, a wonderful, magnificent, perfect first trip together.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last on the Bandwagon

I am years behind in jumping on this bandwagon, but I have discovered This American Life, the podcast. I follow Upworthy on Twitter and they linked to this: Tarred and Feathered spot. I am interested, intrigued, and sad for this young man. I have now downloaded a few episodes of This American Life for my trip to New Orleans. Nine hours in a car? Yes, please. Thank you for enlightening entertainment. Anyone recommend an episode?

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's decided!

We are going to New Orleans!! I am so so excited. We leave on Friday after my boyfriend gets off work. I can't wait.
Doug and I have never been on our own vacation together; we have been places (Orlando) with my parents, but nary a solo vacation. I am very excited to see how this affects us and our relationship. We are driving to and from New Orleans, a city Doug has never been to, and I was only there for about 12 hours last summer. I fell in love with Nola then, and I am excited to explore more and see some of the nightlife!
Sort of a trial run for moving in together.
While on the subject, moving out has been postponed for personal reasons that I will share at a later point in time.