Thursday, July 24, 2014

Health update - post doctor visit!

The swelling has dissipated mostly. I only swell a little bit. My doctor switched me from the generic meds to the name brand Synthroid. It is scary to me taking a daily medicine. I have never used birth control or anything daily outside of Malarone when I was in Malawi...and I forgot how much I hate taking meds every day. I haven't forgotten yet, but this morning I am sick and I forgot to take it before eating. Hopefully, I won't be too jacked up from taking it with food. Oh well, trial and error.
I was able to go for a run on Tuesday and it made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Running is my release and calm. I missed it. I hadn't been able to go for about 3 weeks because the generic meds made me fatigued - I was exhausted every night coming home from work. I have a cold and sore throat right now so I am taking a break to make sure I don't over tax my body. Lots of changes going on.
My appetite has decreased significantly. I can go most of the day without eating if I don't think of it. I don't get hangry anymore either. Doug is very appreciative of that. 
Now that the swelling is mostly done, I am going to get back into the gym and start running again. I've missed it!