Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I just CAN'T

read about sexual assault or rape anymore. It hurts to read ignorance and low reporting numbers. It is heartbreaking to hear about survivors not getting respect and justice. I had immediate reactions and help when I came to terms with my own rape, so it is heartbreaking to read about students like Butters at JMU who got little assistance, no justice and on top of that, lost her scholarship and was forced to drop out of school.
But I can't read anymore. I can't see the comments (and who can help but read them) and not getting angry and frustrated. So much ignorance. So much trolling. And while I agree that trolls are trolls, this might be one of a few topics that should be off limits for trolls. It is not funny to victim blame or shame. It isn't funny to comment about how she shouldn't have been dressed like that or drunk.
Fuck that.