Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Influenster BlogStar!

I have been on Influenster for about a year and 7 months or so. I am a huge fan and have been from the get-go! Influenster is a great site and the #InfluensterApp is amazing! (I was voting for the app for such a long time - I am so excited it is finally here!!). Using #Influenster is easy. You join, write reviews of products, services, and companies and make friends! I love that I can connect to people on twitter or blogs through Influenster! It's awesome!
My favorite voxbox (Influenster's occasional reward for being a member) was the #InASnap #voxbox. I LOVE my Venus Razor and it is so perfect for traveling! I brought it on a bachelorette weekend recently and it was perfect. I still bring it on every trip I can (if I have to do carry-on bags, I can't obviously) and love it! The blade heads are even reasonable to replace (under 5$ a head at Target!)!

These are the links from my post about the In a Snap Voxbox:
In A Snap Pinterest board