Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nuxe huile prodigieuse and Nuxe reve de miel lip balm

Of these two French products, I am in love with the lip balm and so-so on the dry oil. Both of these products are sold on the U.S. And in Target, no less. But they are expensive either way, in Europe or the U.S. In America, buy it online from the U.S. website. It is cheaper than Target even with shipping. 
The lip balm, full name is baume levres ultra-nourissant or in English, ultra-nourishing lip balm, is from the brand Nuxe from the reve de miel line, which means honey dreams. It is amazing. I love this lip balm. It is super moisturizing for my lips, which are always chapped. It is magic. Seriously. It was expensive at 9€ but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I am tempted to buy more at target when I run out, even at $19 a pop. It's that good. If I run out before I can get back to Europe to buy more, I will likely buy at target.
Before and after of my lips
The balm smoothed everything out in a very lovely way without being super shiny or sticky. It is just comfortable and soothing. It gets a 10/10.  

I like the oil. I do. I just don't like it for my face or hair. I look like a greaseball with it on either. I tested it on my hair. You're welcome. Because I want to cry just thinking about this shower tonight. 
So I took a shower and sprayed down my body and hair (my face is sacred and I have learned my lesson about oil on my face. Not for me!). Then I went to bed. Legs and arms are smooth and soft. But look like legs and arms so no point in showing pics. But my hair. My hair is a ball of butter. 

I used the huile prodigieuse OR which has gold shimmer. The sparkles are pretty. The grease look, not so pretty. 
So overall 2/10 for the hair/face and 8/10 for the body. 

I did use my Klorane dry shampoo to see if it would soak up the excess. 

Much better!! But I don't want to have to use dry shampoo everytime I use oil in my hair, so I'm just not going to use oil in my hair! The Klorane gets a 6/10 because it does cost a lot for not a ton of product and since I have a lot of hair I have to use a bunch. I'll make it 7/10 because it has different colors for different hair colors. I have used Batiste in the past and hated it because I turned gray or white haired. This one just sucks up the oil and leaves my natural color, although a little stiff to run my fingers through.