Thursday, April 2, 2015

Post trip

Lisbon and Paris were amazing. I fell in love with Paris. I want to go back and never return. 
Lisbon was wonderful but didn't strike my heart the way Paris did. 
If you head to Lisbon, take a day trip to Sintra, an old Moorish town. Super cool. 
We took a tuktuk tour with this gentleman. He drove us up the mountain and just passed cars when he felt like it (no waiting in traffic for us!). It was a blast! We went into this old church from the 1400s. So cool. There was this old Madonna doll that just stared at you wherever you were in the room. There was also a beautiful scenic outlook and a second one, overlooking Sintra and Lisbon and the water. it was lovely. 

Most of my photos were on my instant print camera unfortunately for you. I just have a few. 

Paris was magical. I fell in love swiftly and easily with the city of light. It was romantic and perfect for me. 
I was greeted to the city (I flew into Beauvais) with the Arc de Triomphe. It's so huge! I then walked to the Place de la Bastille for lunch which was near my hotel in the 3rd arrondissement. 
After checking in, and taking a quick nap (so exhausted!!), I went to see la Tour Eiffel and Shakespeare and Company. 
The Eiffel Tower really is majestic. I was impressed by the splendor and how enormous it really is!
I also ate the hugest fraise (strawberry) macaron I have ever eaten. It was the size of my palm. 

Shakespeare and Co is an old bookstore that I have heard about for years and have been dying to go. It was amazing. It wasn't the only bookstore I went to but it was great nonetheless. 
These are some of the gargoyles on the Notre Dame. The Notre Dame was very interesting. I would like to tour it eventually. I had a short list of everything I  had to do while I was in Paris. I definitely got my list done. Next on my list was to see the Catacombs. 
The catacombs are where 6 million Frenchmen are buried in tunnels under Paris. They arranged the bones in patterns and have been open to the public since the 1800s with a few closures here and there. It was really cool. 
The last thing on my list was to go to la Conciergie. That's the prison where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned. It is a beautiful, grand building with arches pictured above. They show demonstrations of the types of cells and damn, it would be cold in the middle of winter. I can't imagine. 
This is Place de Saint Michel. I love the dragons. 
My souvenirs from Paris were pharmacie finds. And lots of them. I was a woman on a mission once I discovered pharmacies. I went into almost every one that I passed. I found tons and tons of products. Most of which are not sold in the good ol USA. European skincare has more stringent standards than the U.S.  So their products are better. I plan to review them soon!!

Back to Lisboa!!
This is from a neighborhood in the Alfama. I adored the Alfama. It was so homey and charming. 
Another cobbled street in the Alfama. You can see the laundry lines outside the windows.  
Saturday was my last full day in Lisboa and I just wanted around and found things I wanted to see and saw them. It was lovely. 

And just so you know, the pharmacie is Europe wide. So when you see a green cross, go in!! (It's farmacia in Portugal but still has the green cross!) At the Lisboan airport (Portela), there is a farmacia where I spent most of my remaining euro on beauty supplies! Look for a review coming soon!