Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slowly but surely.

I have been doing boot camp (not military but just those workout-boot camps) for about a month. I don't know if I have lost weight, but I have definitely gained muscle and have already moved from using 5/8 lbs as light and heavy to 10/12 lbs as light and heavy. I can hold a plank for longer and do more push-ups and run longer too. I'm not perfect, but I like working out. I like feeling sore and feeling my body get stronger and stronger. I enjoy it. I enjoy running (when it is only running I am doing - not so much when combined with other activities). I am working hard, and if I get less embarrassed I may share my stats. haha.
If you are starting to get fit, comment and let me know!
If you are getting fit to be the one he looks back and says, "Damn, I should have kept that one..." you aren't alone...let me know!