Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sometimes being broke is better than being miserable. In other words, I quit my job.
I was having a very rough time with a few things and decided that coming home 2 nights a week crying isn't worth the (minuscule) paycheck. Yes, money is money. Time is also money and spending 2 hours a day driving (which also equates to spending around 175$ a month on gas) is not my dream. Going in for the paycheck was dreadful and miserable, so I left.

I am a 24 year old with no debt, so life is a bit easier (meaning no college loans, no car loans, no credit card debt - nothing). My parents volunteered to assist me for a few months until I find a job closer to my dream field.

So I will be able to wake up at 5 and work out from 530-630 every day and enjoy that. I like waking up early and working out. I am currently doing a boot camp (my dad is too) and I like that when we have to run, I am running in the moonlight. I enjoy it. Crazy, I know. I have lost about 6 pounds so far, which is nice. Fitness, here I come.

I broke up with my ex. We "went our separate ways" in other words, I was ready to commit and he didn't know what he wanted, let alone if I was in his picture at all.

So lots and lots of changes, but I am happier by far, getting healthier and living well. :)