Monday, July 22, 2013


I think this blog has been primarily a way to blog my VoxBoxes. I don't want to use it exclusively for that. I want to use it to write, to show off my style, to express myself in a myriad of ways. So I may begin doing that, interspersed with VoxBox posts if I am lucky to get anymore.

I am currently in the midst of losing weight. Ten pounds lost, I am looking to lose about 50 more. So I am doing boot camp, exercising on my own on days I miss boot camp and just trying to be more active, in addition to tracking what I eat, daily. So expect some posts about that.

Additionally, I love fashion. I don't have tons of money, or time, but I love make-up, jewelry, clothes, shoes and most especially PURSES. Love. Obsession. So I may have some fashion/style posts in here.

I am a notorious girly girl, but at the same time, I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Africa where I lived sans electricity or running water. In other words, I like getting dirty sometimes. I maintained a blog during my time in Malawi ( if you'd like to check it out), so I may do some writing in here.

I'm a twenty-something philanthropic clotheshorse in the midst of this journey. Welcome.