Thursday, July 18, 2013


I received another VoxBox! This time it is the Dasani Drops VoxBox.

It contained two flavors of Dasani Drops, a bottle of Dasani water, and some coupons for my friends/family.

I really like Dasani Drops. It tastes better than other liquid drink flavors. Some leave a weird feeling on your tongue or have a bad aftertaste, but not Dasani Drops. They mix quickly, easily (in both hot and cold water - I tested!), and taste great!

I had Cherry Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade. I don't normally enjoy pink lemonade flavored anything, but in the spirit of testing, I tried and LOVED it, surprisingly. I thought the cherry pom would be my favorite, but I actually liked the pink lemonade more!

One great bonus is Dasani Drops are ZERO calorie! Who doesn't love that?! I am in the process of losing weight (10 lbs down!) and having a zero calorie flavor option is fantastic! Even better, it doesn't taste zero calorie. It tastes like regular sugary juices/drinks!

I use Dasani Drops pretty often (I will buy more soon and try some new flavors and review those later). Typically, I will use Dasani Drops at work, when I exercise and when I am just hanging out but want to have a "drink" without killing my diet. :)

So ULTIMATELY my favorite part is the zero calories without the zero calorie taste!

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I want to make sure it is known that Influenster chose me to review this product, sent it to me complimentary, and I am under no compulsion to write nice things about the product. All the thoughts above are my reaction to Dasani Drops.