Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm sorry....

to all the nonexistent readers of this blog...I went on vacation, came home, started a new job and lost track of life and this blog.
To update, I started a new job which is going well-ish. I cleaned my bedroom several times. I visited the wizarding world of Harry Potter and finished quite a few books.
Other than that, the world of Caitlin has been pretty bland. :) Just the way I like it. Not really, but it has been nice to just relax and settle into my job before getting all busy and crazy.

I did graduate from Guardian ad Litem, so I will probably have a case in a few weeks, though I will not be able to talk about it.
I applied to school and I am going back in the fall, to take Biology which I didn't take. So thar she blows. Hopefully, my grad school application for the Master of Social Work will be accepted. We will see! :)