Friday, December 13, 2013

I have these letters...

Makes me sad to even think that I am not going to be living in Malawi anymore. It's been over a year and I still miss Malawi everyday. I still miss sitting in my hammock with Bright. I miss cooking over a fire with Lyzinet on my knee telling me how great a cook I am and how beautiful I am, when looking at her, it's impossible to see how I can be so beautiful in comparison. 
It is impossible to imagine that I don't live in Chiwamba anymore when half of my heart is still there...well, probably 95% of it. I miss Malawi with every fiber of my being. I miss teaching under the tin roof to 75 beautiful faces. I miss walking to Clifford's house and sitting with Cossam and playing knock while watching Elf for the seventy-fifth time. I miss eating nsima with Julia or spaghetti and her gracious thanks, "Thank you my best friend, for the good delicious food." I miss watching Clueless or the Hunger Games or episodes of the Office with Elizabeth. I miss dancing in the backs of matolas. 

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