Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I won!!

I won a giveaway from DIYPlaybook!! I won a 50$ giftcard to HomeGoods!! I had visited Homegoods previously, but never bought anything there. I was inspired and excited by DIY Playbooks decor from HomeGoods! So here are things that I tried to hold myself back from taking home with me. 
These bowls are just perfect. The teal and gold is stunning!
I love elephants almost as much as giraffes!

These are some beautiful bookends! I caressed these for like ten minutes and tried to figure out if I could leave something else behind and keep these.

THESE WERE HUGEEE! Like 10 feet tall, no joke. 
His horns were beautifully enormous. I loved him and named him Stanley but couldn't think of where I could keep him.
I love agate! This is beautiful! 
I just think this kitty bookend is adorable..

So those were my temptations. Here is what actually went home with!
This is a beautiful wine rack and wine glasses set that I ended up giving to my cute boyfriend for Christmas!
I got one agate bookend and I am just in love and so happy about it!

I found this little fly and he had to come home with me.
Here he is happy on my shelf!

A candle for a lovely friend! 

A delicious little snack just to finish it all off!! Love!
I am so grateful and Doug was so stoked with the wine rack and glasses. I am really happy with my bookend and little fly. Thanks DIY Playbook!