Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rimmel London US ScandalEyes Mascara Review!


Alright, I am a huuuuuge fan of ScandalEyes Mascara now. It is a new product that is coming out this month (November) and you should definitely buy it. I am a connoisseur of mascara. I have different brands jumbled together in my makeup bag. Or I did until I got ScandalEyes complimentary from Influenster. Now it is the only mascara in my bag. I am obsessed.

The formula is smooth, slick, but doesn't look shiny or greasy at all. It goes on smooth and takes a minute to dry on your lashes - which is GREAT because it gives you extra time to put another layer (or five like I do) on. It curls your lashes the tiniest bit, just a hint of a curl, which is just enough for an all-natural fresh-faced girl like myself. I prefer to look like I'm not wearing makeup except my lashes occasionally. And ScandalEyes actually fits both bills! If I want to look fresh faced and clean, a layer or two is perfect, opening my eyes up to look bigger without looking all thick and caked on. If I want to do a smoky, sexy eye, a third layer is just perfect, it makes my eyes look dark and mysterious and like you want to drown in my green-blue pools. 

Some tips: 
1. Open your mouth. I don't know why, but my eyes don't wiggle as much!
2. Wiggle the brush to brush the mascara on cleanly over your lashes.
3. To get a light, fresh look, one or two coats is just enough. For a sexy, smoky look, add a third coat!
4. Shut your eye to get just enough mascara on your lower lashes to open them up, but not enough to make them look awkwardly heavy. One brush-over with your eyes closed is enough!

#retromania #scandaleyes #rimmellondonus (Do hashtags work in blogs? Guess I'll find out!)