Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Excited to announce....

That I am officially a Florida State Nole! I will be attending Florida State University for their Master's of Social Work program beginning this spring!
I will be using LOTS of capitals and exclamation points because I AM SO EXCITED!
I was so bummed with how the application process went with my :( alma mater USF and felt like I was jerked around. Not saying alumni should get instant entrance into grad school at their bach uni, but it definitely should not be even NEAR as difficult as it was. As a result, I didn't have a ton of confidence jumping into the process again at a new school (especially one I didn't graduate from!) but I forged onward and left the past where it should be - in the past. I got 3 new recommendation letters and 1 from the same professor. I wrote a petition for exceptional circumstance and a new personal statement. I sent these to my favorite teacher-friend and she edited superbly for me!
AND NOW I AM A GRADUATE STUDENT AT FLORIDA STATE!!!!! I can't even begin to talk about how excited I am! This is such a perfect opportunity and was actually the only program in Florida I wanted to attend but before I applied to USF, they didn't accept students from other majors than social work (for undergrad level). I looked again over the summer and FSU started taking non-SW majored students, so I immediately started my application, resume, letters of ref and additional papers needed.
I am just incredibly pleased! I have been smiling for days and waiting for when I can start buying college textbooks again (do I have a sickness?). I can't wait for new notebooks, binders, pens, school supplies. I can't wait to study at a coffee shop and just get involved deep in my new field. I am over the moon with excitement, glee, joy and happiness. Doug has been laughing for days at how silly I am!