Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It's interesting. I have been with Doug for seven years now. We have had about 6-8 months of completely, not talking at all, broken up "for good" time but the rest, we were together. I never really questioned him. I felt a long time ago that he is my "one" and I'm lucky.
I'm lucky in the sense that my first love will be my last. I know that we have grown up together - and that is SUCH a beautiful thing! I have grown up a LOT in the past seven years and I have been through a lot. I am still growing and moving and shaking and it is nice that I have been able to grow alongside Doug.
I am reading this blog that I find fascinating: The Real Housewife of Ciudad Juarez. I totally have a crush on her life - Emily is living in Juarez with her husband. Not so much the green card situation which is totally beautiful the way she is handling it, but the living in Mexico, the learning Spanish, different culture. I miss all of that so much. I was sitting here thinking, I almost wish I had a noncitizen husband who I move to Mexico with. I don't so much wish I had a different man than mine - I DON'T - you can't have him. But I wish I could move to Mexico. I miss speaking another language (however poorly) and living in a different culture. Oh, how I miss it. I wish Doug would do it with me.