Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day Two

Day Two of #21DayFix has me going crazy!
Headaches galore from lack of sodium and processed sugars. However, I was able to kill it in the workout! So stoked about that!
I did not read outside of reading at lunch. :(
I feel like I am slowly getting better and better, healthier and healthier. Since that is my goal, I am good with that! I am excited to keep improving and I am proud that I haven't been cheating.
I haven't been "stuffed" but I have definitely been satisfied. I ate a little more than yesterday.
I got tipsy from my Shakeology. How weird am I? I added lemon extract...way too much spilled out (maybe a tablespoon total?) and somehow, maybe because I am a lightweight, I was tipsy. Strange effect but hey, make do with what you are dealt. I am a lightweight.
I can't wait to get to bed. Night yall!