Sunday, January 26, 2014

Behavior Modification

I am taking a course in Behavior Modification. We are expected to choose behaviors to modify personally and intrapersonally. I have not yet decided fully on what behaviors to modify, but I am leaning towards modifying how I spend and save money, my eating/bingeing habits, and how I treat other people.

I am not good at saving. I am not terrible at it by any means, and I do not have any debt, but I want to buy a house. One of my 2014 goals is to buy a house, this year, the sooner, the better. If I can't save for a larger down payment and for a back-up/emergency fund, I won't be able to achieve that goal. As I get  more involved, I will update you on my progress and what techniques I will use to reach my goals.

I have a hard time with eating. I avoid saying I have an eating disorder because I am overweight and not super-thin. I feel that a lot of times when someone says they have an eating disorder, you don't expect them to be overweight. The judgment is difficult for me. I truly like fresh fruits and vegetables and eating healthy, but I also love candy. Once I start eating junk, I eat junk for days. It is a dark path for me. If I eat a now&later or cookie, suddenly I am binge-eating a bag of chips (not a giant bag, but a more-than-one-serving-size bag).

I am generally a very positive person and think highly of other people. However, I tend to make fun of other people and judge from the beginning. I don't let those judgments hold me back from being friends with people or affect a relationship with them, but it is a habit that is mean and cruel, and that is not the kind of person I want to be.

Some of these are things I don't want to be known for. I want to be known for positivity, strength and courage. I want to have better self-control and strength. Here's to starting the new year well!