Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My thoughts on Amy Glass.

Article I am referencing.

Dear Amy,
Why are you the person to decide what is and is not fulfilling?
Who are you to decide what my goals should be and whether they are worthy goals or not?
Many women who read your article will be enraged. Many will be disappointed. See, I, like many women, had a fantastic childhood, largely due to my mom. My mom was a young, stay-at-home mom. She was home when I came home from school. She helped me with my homework. She cleaned the house. My brothers and I had snacks to come home to after school, and a mom who loves us more than she loves herself, fiercer than a mother bear's love. When I was hurt by people at school, my mom listened and consoled and soothed. If my mom was off traveling the world, or at work down the street, my life would be different. I could possibly be a vastly different person than I am right now. I had struggled and been through trauma - my mom has been a rock under my feet, right alongside my dad. I am lucky that my mom CHOSE to be a stay-at-home mom. I would choose the same for my own child(ren) if I decide to have them.

I know that my mom doesn't regret a second, not one second, that she spent with my brothers and I.

Don't judge my mom. Don't say my mom, or anyone else's mom for that matter, is not thrilled with the work she undertook to create, mold and shape three human beings.

Any woman who decides that raising children, creating a family is her goal, more power to you. That is a beautiful goal. It may not be your goal, Amy, but that makes it no less valid or fulfilling.