Monday, January 20, 2014

Frustration, anger, disappointment

I started school this term at a community college nearby. I was originally just going to take a class or two in order to have a professor reference to get into graduate school, but now I am really leaning towards fully finishing out this program! It is a Counseling and Human Services program, which is exactly what I want to do! I began the coursework for this program when I was rejected from my choice Master's of Social Work program - for not having a professor reference, hence the applying to school. I started looking at other programs in an angry, frustrated light - that's the way it is sometimes. However, when I started looking, I found some pretty valuable programs out there that can up my resume and give me some of the experience I want (and need) to be able to become a Trauma Counselor. This is my dream job - to put my knowledge, love and skills to good use and help people overcome (to see my background and what led me to dream about this job, see my old blog at old Peace Corps blog! - warning, may be a trigger for those who are sensitive to issues with sexual abuse).
So I got into this program, on a whim, sad, disappointed and angry that I didn't get into the program I wanted to get into, and now I am in a great place which will give me an awesome background and starting point to leap into the future.
Have you ever had a disappointment? Did you find a positive door opening right after?