Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friday Articles (6)

This buzzfeed list features a fantastic ad campaign of something near to my heart. I hope everyone will read this, relate to it, and share it. Become an effective bystander. Prevent rape.
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1200 Calories
I think this article is thought provoking. It is interesting because this is a widely-held belief (American). I am not sure I don't believe it. Health is so judgmental and talked about but still getting healthy can be a taboo. I feel shame and fear to share my health and fitness triumphs and successes.
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Every Border is a Crime Against Humanity
Oh, I have dreamed about a world with no borders, just cultures. Beautiful, beautiful cultures!
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Baby possibly cured of HIV
I read No Going Back There is Only Forward as a fellow medevac'ed and medsep'ed RPCV. I understand that tragedy, frustration, anxiety (well, I can relate - everyone's experiences are different). This article reminded me of this blog and of the ridiculous stigma faced every day. Shame.

Paper Dresses
How adorable is she?!

Dalai Lama and Homosexuality

And one final article about my hometown.
31 Reasons why Philadelphia is underrated

Have a great weekend!