Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Articles (7)

I love this! Africa is so beautifully diverse. I miss Africa with my entire heart.
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Butter Coffee
I am intrigued! I can't imagine this would taste good, but who knows? Since I have been doing Whole30, I am fascinated by the science behind it all.
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"Convenience Fees"
Definitely information that is not well known. I need to start paying more attention to the receipts!
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Cancer and brownies
Consideration is something that is not often thought about. Compassion and goodwill are common, but not common enough. This puts a whole new perspective to respect and understanding.
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I have had a fear of sharks for a long time. I honestly cannot remember when it began. I remember at 15 diving in the Keys with my parents on either side. My parents saw a shark (I think a nurse shark) and tried to steer me away but I saw it and began hyperventilating underwater. There is a certain beauty about sharks and this woman's video eases a little of my fear.
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Have a good weekend!