Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friday Articles (3)

Malawian Music
Corresponding Music Video
I love Malawian music. This song just warms my heart and reminds me of Lyzineti and Neuton (my bestie Julia's 3 year old twins) dancing with me on my front porch or back patio. I just have such fond memories of Malawian and imported Nigerian music (really anything played on the matolas at extreme volumes so they can watch the azungu with REALLY good balance dance in the truck beds). There is nothing so satisfying to me as a good run with the music to remind me of my second home.

Stopping Deforestation Makes Good Business Sense
I love trees. I am a tree hugger, I suppose. I love green and growing things. I planted a few trees while I was in Malawi and coddled my cute little avocados like children. Love trees. I made compost for trees, not a garden. That, and gardens take lots of work and I'm busy and easily distracted. But I love trees and truly believe that everyone should be planting trees. I have started growing an avocado tree here, and it is about 2 feet tall. It is seriously awesome that Unilever is taking an approach to move in the right direction and help rebuild our planet, and not keep depleting its resources without replacement (side note: I know nothing about Unilever outside of this article).

This is fantastic!
I love her math and the poetry and rhyme. Beautiful spot on economics and immigration by a British woman speaking about the UK, but applies just as easily here in the US. I work for Florida state, in the Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency. I got some shit for taking this job, but it is a beautiful thing. It creates more spending power in the hands of people, of businesses, of workers like me. It is not without its flaws, of course, but the fact is that there is so much misrepresented by welfare in general. In Florida, ineligible noncitizens (read: those with no INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) status) have NO rights to benefits, no social security, no medicare, no pensions or retirements or 401ks. I find this horrifying. These people are beneficial to the US. I won't go further into it than that, because her math explains it all.

Humans of New York
I had planned for another article, but I found this page and browsed it for forty minutes. Sorry not sorry (also, you're welcome).

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