Monday, February 3, 2014

Kiss Nails RoseVoxBox UPDATED

I am so excited! I won the Brand Challenge for Kiss! I LOVE painting my nails. I have a drawer dedicated to my various polishes, polish stickers, files, clippers, etc. I probably paint my nails 2-3 times a week. It is a relaxing thing for me, so this is a perfect prize when I am in the midst of a new job, being back in school for the first time in 3 years, and trying to figure out some good time management skills.
So this challenge prize is a set of imPRESS press-on manicure and a KISS Nail Artist Kit. I am so stoked to use these! I l-o-v-e painting my nails.
I videoed opening my package, even though it is just an envelope! I will definitely show some nail styles in the future!
Woo! Youtube Video

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How to Use imPRESS nails! - my personal tutorial
I am officially impressed. I usually am not a fan of press-on nails, to be honest. I like these. They are short, which is perfect (but come in other lengths for the different strokes). They don't look natural, but whenever you get a full set in a nail salon, those don't look natural either. So I am a-okay with that. The pattern is cute and fun. They seem to be pretty well-adhered, and the shape is rather fitting with my cuticles. I am a fan so far. I will let you know how they hold up and how long they last. :)
Here's some pics to show em off!