Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Articles (4)

This is so cool! I love the ocean and scuba and have always wanted a kickass underwater camera like that. Totes jealous. Anyways, this is just a sweet video of an octopus.

LGBTQ Microaggressions   
Racial Microaggressions
These are very interesting to me. I find I am curious and want to understand people, not because I see differences as a problem, but simply because I find people fascinating. I enjoy seeing how other people think and react and feel and it's enthralling to me. I have asked/done some of these things without realizing or thinking about how it might be on the other side.

"Harry Stiles" on Jimmy Fallon
I was cracking up at this. I love Kristin Wiig and so freakin funny. Just watch it, and love it.

Sugar is scary?
It is worrisome how much sugar affects us. I truly can feel a difference in my body and attitude on days with sugar and days with (let's be honest) less sugar (because I haven't gone without in a long time). I have been postponing doing a full Whole30 (I did a Whole11 before - aka I ran out of money) to save money and eat what is in the house already, so I will have to prioritize this now.

Early Black Feminists
I only knew 3. Sad. I am glad that I was able to educate myself a little more though!

Sexual Assault at a "Christian" college
I will get angry and start a rant if I comment, so I won't, but this is a worthwhile read (and it's short - but it still made me mad).

Why some are renouncing US Citizenship
This provoked some thoughts. I was interested in seeing why people would give up citizenship. I would consider expatriating for a time (and was a Peace Corps Volunteer), but the benefits to being a US citizen always outweighed the benefits of being of different citizenry. So it is interesting to see the other perspective that I was missing and not seeing.

War on HIV Stigma
HIV Stigma
Yes. Love. I love that more information is being taught and the old avoidance and fears are being addressed. There should not be a stigma for this. My heart breaks for the 7-year-old little boy in the second story (though I am glad he had a good outcome).

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