Thursday, February 13, 2014

So this week was fun...

Or the complete opposite really. Sunday, my car's right rear wheel was squeaking. Not badly, just a little bit. Monday, I drove from work to school over the Howard Frankland (major Tampa bridge) and about 2 minutes after passing the last turn-around-in-case-of-emergency, I pull over to see why my car is super loud and pulling. Turns out something or other was wrong and because I ignored the problem, I damaged the rotor as well. 600+ in the hole. Thank you, car, see you later, paychecks. I called Doug and burst into tears. When he was got to the point where he just didn't know what to say anymore, I called my mom. Sometimes, a girl just needs her mom. Luckily, I could only drive about 10 miles an hour for most of the bridge. Cause my face was red and swollen from crying so hard. I finally get to class, walk in, turn my paper in and turn right back around and leave again. I didn't want to get in an accident in the dark! I get home and my brother agreed to drive me to Doug's, who had agreed to walk to work so I could borrow his car.
Some weeks are like this. I didn't post because I was too stressed about my car. And disappointed that my savings would be blown again. But that's okay now. I got the emotion out and now, it is back to saving and setting goals.
Soon, I will be meeting them.