Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Refurbishing a chair is dirty business PART ONE

I found this chair at Goodwill. Look at how well-shaped she is. 

The rounded arms, the cushion...

the cute curve to her back...
made for a beautiful chair. 

After removing the animal hair covered and stained fabric (gross), I found the foam to be in poor condition. I have to replace the foam. I was hoping it would be salvageable, but unfortunately not. I have already picked out the fabrics for the replacement and started sewing. A pretty burgundy canvas for the chair, and a taupe with black stripes for the cushion. I finished sewing the cushion and it turned out pretty well. I have to adjust the seams on the main part - the seam turned out a bit awkward. I am also interested to see how I will do the bottom, the chair has a plywood base, but the arms are molded from what I think is polystyrene (which I will attempt to make stable and strong with some sort of paint or glaze or something - any suggestions?). The previous fabric had a cinching bottom, so I am going to do that. I know I can cinch well, but I have never sewed the looping system for the rope to go through. Once I scrub down the chair, spray the leg and feet and replace the foam, this beautiful little chair will find a home in a nook in the house for me to read on.